NCPLegal can provide you with a mobile law office.


* Creates a full data base on a case from any location.

* Similtaneously sends previously scripted or manual SMS messages to multiple clients in a few seconds.

* Checks an Officer's or a Judge's court schedule or accesses the charging statute from 1 page with 1 click.

* Keeps your client informed of pending court dates by placing a static link to future court dates on your client's phone - a contact card - as well as sending an automated SMS court date reminder to your client on the court date.

* Automatically recognizes DWI/CivRev cases and sends a supplemental LDP intake to your client allowing you to generate in seconds an LDP, including driving route maps and employer letters.

* Generates a Daily /  Weekly / Monthly schedules of your pending court dates in PDF format with embedded links so you can manage all your cases for the day from 1 page.

* Monitors your cases to insure you do not miss future court dates.

* Creates Case Notes, Court Status Updates, Final Case Summaries, Motions, Keeps track of your time, and more, and does so at a blindingly fast speed.

We give the program to you for free for 2 months because we know you will need case data to fully test it and because once you start using our system you will not want to go to District Court without it.

Free for 2 Months.  To fully test what NCPLegal can do you need several months.  

If you are the first in your county to subscribe you may be eligible for an additional Free Month.

If you refer a new subscriber to us who subsequently hires us you will receive 1 additional Free Month.

Special set ups for uploading data to auxiliary calendars or downloading data to a local case management system must be paid for at the time even if you are in the first 2 months.


NCPLegal uses SMS for fast and timely communications with your client.

* You create a complete defendant database by either entering your client's phone number or existing case file number.  

* This data base, which includes all pending charges, court dates and officer dates, allows you to decide whether to accept the case.

* You make arrangements with the defendant and accept the defendant as a client and select from the pending cases which you will appear in on the defendant's behalf.

* A contact card is sent to the client with a link to your website, your photo, a map to the court house, court date information, photos of where to go in the court house and a link to all pending court dates.

* A contact card is sent to you with information about the client, a link to all pending court dates, a link to case actions concerning this defendant and a gateway link to all other clients.

* You then have access to all functions of the program.  And you have typed only a phone number or case number.

You get a full active data base on the defendant.

We make $5.


* $20:  Monthly Data Base /  SMS Fee.

* $1 - $10:  Motion/Form Generation Fee.  

The most common fees are the $5 New Defendant fee, $1 MTC / Ltd Appearance fee, $3 ACIS report and image fee, $10 LDP fee and $10 Superior Court Plea Transcript fee.

No data base on the defendant is created and no defendant fee is charged.

Every Saturday morning you will receive an SMS with a link to an electronic invoice.  If you use PayPal, the invoice will have an embedded payment link which, with 1 click, authorizes payment of the invoice.  Otherwise you may pay using a Credit Card portal.  Either way, we never know your credit card number.

Your weekly invoice must be paid in full by Tuesday at midnight.

Yes.  However the embedded invoice is a nice time saving feature and PayPal provides nice payment summaries.

Every Saturday morning

You then have 48 hours to either pay your bill or object to the billing.

The monthly $20 data base fee is billed at the end of the month in question by similar format.

Any new offenses within 6 months of your initial hiring by a defendant are added to the data base at no charge.

After 6 months there is a new $5 defendant fee.

In a way

NCPLegal generates a custom phone contact card for each defendant which provides the defendant with general information and helps cement your name as his Lawyer.  The program also provides you with a defendant contact card for your phone which allows you access to all services for all defendants in your data base and displays a photo of your client.  But you do not download a program.

You define the time period in question.

You select the automated SMS to be sent or dictate a manual note if desired.

You click submit.  You are prompted for your time and any Case Notes.  And you're done.

Every SMS message sent by you or by the defendant is added to your SMS summary report.  You have a complete thread of every SMS exchange between you and your client.

Example:  You are running late and want to notify all of the clients you have in court that date.  Or, you are called for trial on Friday and must notify all your clients in other court rooms for the next week.  You can send a pre-scripted SMS to all affected clients and create specific case Motions to Continue for all cases with a couple of clicks.


You pick the time period in question, select the form, select the reason for the request, add a manual message if desired, and click submit.

The forms are generated in an editable PDF format and emailed to you for processing.


We need a good quality - 300dpi or greater - scanned copy of your form.

The new form is then put into the General Form Bank for use by any subscriber.  The new form will include an ID marker and will be priced according to degree of difficulty and whether a menu option system is needed to complete the form.  An example of an ID marker would be a county, such as "MTC - Henderson".

The base price for this setup is $20 for a form with up to 4 variables (outside a caption).  Add $5 for each variable thereafter.


When you update the case in question the program prompts you for the time you spent on the task just finished and keeps a record of this time in the specific file you are working in.  In addition the program will total all times into a weekly/monthly report.  But NCPLegal is not designed as a time and billing system.

NCPLegal sends you an email the next day requesting an update and continues to do this until you update the case.

The program will not allow you to forget about a case.

However, you are charged a penalty of $.50 per email if we must update your case.  Why?  Because the case update is important and you should do it, if possible, immediately there in the court room while the facts are fresh so you do not forget to do so later.

In certain situations, like traffic waivers, you may have continued the case but forgotten to update the case status to the new date.  In this case we will find the omission, update the case to the new court date, send you a notification email and charge you $.50 per offense for not doing this yourself.

NCPLegal, with 1 click, sends the defendant an SMS requesting the defendant immediately contact you.

The program then also creates a Case Note, inquirying from you whether there is an OFA and a bond and, if so, in what amount and whether issued by a Judge or a Magistrate.

A Final Case Summary report is created for your physical file.

The defendant information is moved to a folder with your other closed cases.

Note:  If the defendant then calls you in the future from his same phone number your phone will recognize the call and, with 1 click, automatically take you to the closed summary for a quick review faster than you can exchange greetings.

NCPLegal, while the data base is being created, determines whether the defendant has received a civil revocation.  If so NCPLegal:

* Automatically sends the defendant a supplemental LDP intake for information needed to construct a pre-trial LDP.

* Uses this information to create non-standard driving route maps and employer letters verifying the defendant's work schedule.

* Sends the defendant the driving route maps and employer letters for review.

* Sends the defendant an information link to locate ADETS treatment facilities and instructions on how to obtain a DL-123.

* Allows the defendant to upload signed documents directly to their file, such as an employer letter, by using the camera on the defendant's phone.  You receive a notification of the upload.

You then create any LDP with 1 click.

There is a $10 fee to generate an LDP and the supporting documents.



* Gathers all pending cases in the AOC data base.

* Creates an Options Editing page for you to quickly review all pending charges and the maximun punishment of each case.

* Allows to you manually edit the cases if necessary.

* Prompts you for what happens to each case - a plea, a dismissal or a continuance.

* Prompts you for a recital of the plea agreement, which may be dictated.

* Then, with 1 click the Plea Transcript is created and emailed to you in a PDF format which may still be edited.

The generation time, even for § 90-95(h) cases, is usually less than a minute total thus making additional changes, if requested by a judge, simple and quick. 

Once the agreement is finalized NCPLegal takes the elements of the agreement and adds this data to a 'Plea Bank' of like charges and results in each county.  Thus with each plea you become part of a growing institutional memory of others using NCPLegal in keeping a record of original charges and the resulting pleas in your county, with links to the final judgment on ACIS for verification purposes.

There is a $10 fee to generate a Plea Transcript for a defendant.  The fee includes any necessary changes.  There is a $3 fee for any ACIS look up.



* Pulls the ACIS report for a particular file number.

* Extracts the data.

* Adds the data to the data base to use in forms or import to your case management system.

* Updates the offense date, and

* Emails the ACIS report and ACIS image to you in PDF format.

There is a $3 fee for this service.


However, you must supply us with the format you are using since they usually differ due to custom setups.

There is a $50 fee for the custom setup of your system.  Thereafter there is a $3 fee to provide this data in the import format.


NCPLegal creates a Daily/Weekly/Monthly court dates calendar which contains embedded links to AOC case information, the judges  schedules, the charging statute and the court dates of the arresting officer.  The Daily court calendar also allows you to update your cases from this calendar directly from your phone.  In addition to having all this information on 1 page on your phone, all calendars are easy to print to take with you to court to have something to make notes on.  But we realize many subscribers will also want to import this calendaring information to their Google Calendar or iCalendar (which, frankly, are not designed with court dates in mind) so we offer this service.

There is a 1 time $50 set up fee if you want us to set up a manual system for you.  We charge an hourly rate of $25/hr to customize your system if you want us to automate this process so your auxiliary calendar updates nightly.

All forms are sent to you in a PDF format you can edit and print.  However, every court house differs in how you are able to print from your phone.


With 1-click you can generate a final report on all your cases in PDF format.

The report is sent to you by email.

There is a $10 charge for a mass client data download.

NCPLegal is built to be used with mobile phones and SMS text messages.

While you can access NCPLegal by computer for case management and updates, the program is designed around getting information to your defendant quickly by SMS.

Your mobile phone number is never provided to 3rd parties without your permission.

However, we believe it is a good idea for you to provide your mobile phone number to your defendant clients so you can respond quickly to their calls.  Your client's Contact Card on your mobile phone will contain a link to their current case information, accessible to you with 1 click.  Effectively you can bring yourself up to date on the client's case during the time it takes to say hello.   Also your client Contact Cards will be coded for you to display a list of ALL and only your clients using your phone's search function.  And your clients will have a Contact Card on their phone listed as "My Lawyer" to help them contact you quickly, check their next court date on their own, provide directions to Courthouse and display photos of where to enter, where to pay their fine and what security, their courtroom and Criminal Records look like.  Additionally this makes it easier for them to share your information with other potential clients.  

A second option is for you to get a mobile phone with a dual SIM card ability allowing for 2 lines:  Business & Private.  Almost all mobile phones since 2018 have this as an option.  Then you can designate 1 line as your private line and 1 line as your mobile business line.  However you will incur additional phone charges for the 2nd line.

Do you want to test the program?